Themes & Sub-themes

Theme - 1

Theoretical Perspectives, Legal & Policy Issues on

Development-Induced Displacement and Rehabilitation


1.  Issues and Gaps pertaining to Land Acquisition Act and other related Acts

2.  Issues and Gaps pertaining to Translation of R&R Policies into Practice

3.  Scope for Strengthening Institutional Mechanism and Regulatory Framework for Land Acquisition and R&R


Theme - 2

Critical issues in Land Acquisition and Involuntary Displacement


1.  Challenges and issues in land acquisition faced by the administration and project proponents

2.  Approaches to valuation and compensation for acquisition of assets

3.  Critical issues in displacement of indigenous population

4.  Gender Issues in Displacement, Resettlement and rehabilitation

5.  Community Resistance: Reasons and Feasible Solutions


Theme - 3

The Economics, Financing, and Planning for R&R


1.  The Economic and Financial Analysis of Resettlement Action Plans

2.  Countering the Impoverishment Risks for an Effective Resettlement & Rehabilitation of Affected Populations 

3.  Benefit-sharing in Resettlement & Rehabilitation

4.  Appropriate Strategies for Restructuring the Livelihoods of displaced and affected families


Theme - 4

Management of Impoverishment Risks due to Displacement in Urban Areas


1.  Measuring and mitigating Impoverishment Risks due to land acquisition in Urban Areas

2.  Addressing Issues for Habitation & Livelihood Restoration for the population affected by Urban Projects

3.  Administrative challenges faced by the Urban Local Bodies due to displacement of people in Urban Locales